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K&W Transmissies is the exclusive representative in the Netherlands of the round link chains made by German brand HEKO. Round link chains are available with various connectors, elevator buckets, pocket wheels, reversing wheels and other customer-specific sprockets, internally or externally toothed. Make your choice below.

Round link chains, applications

Round link conveyor systems focus specifically on material handling and purification. The customers of K&W Transmissies come from different sectors such as companies in the cement industry, coal-fired power plants, paper, compost, food, chemical and general machinery industries.

Production of round link chains

The steel for the round link chains is procured from steel factories, which must meet very high quality and strength requirements. The material for the link is cut to measure by a cutting tool. Along a bending form, the material is bent in two movements into the form of a link and at the same time pressed together.The welding together of the links takes place without the addition of extra material. The side of the weld is given an electric shock, so that this is heated locally. Immediately after that the ends are mechanically pressed into one another and the steel is welded together.After the welding, the chain class is stamped into the chain and the chain is calibrated. During calibration, the chain is pulled to its exact correct length with a force that is 2.5 times the nominal load of the chain. The deformation and the force required are carefully monitored. Thus, in this manner literally every link of a calibrated chain will also be load tested before delivery.

Diverse models of round link chains

Round link chains are, depending on the application, available in various quality and price segments. There are standard round link chains available in accordance with DIN 764/DIN 766, as well as zinc-plated and stainless steel chains, but also special models with a certificate.


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